Carolina Fever is a free rewards-based program available to UNC students that promotes the attendance to all of UNC’s sporting events. Points are earned by attending designated "Fever" sporting events. The top 200 point-getters receive 1 guaranteed football ticket to every home game. The top 150 point-getters receive 2 guaranteed phase 1 men's basketball tickets to every home game (1 for Duke). In addition, rewards are given out at the end of each year based on pre-determined point totals. Rewards include material prizes, experiences, and other opportunities.

It’s super easy to get involved in Carolina Fever – all you have to do is attend events! No sign-up is required to start receiving points at events. For each Fever event, all you have to do is swipe your OneCard at the gate prior to the game starting. At the end of the event, you swipe out and receive all of the points. Be sure to swipe in before the game starts and swipe out after the end of the Alma Mater to get all the points for the event.

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