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  • What is Carolina Fever?
    Carolina Fever is a free rewards-based program available to UNC students that promotes the attendance to all of UNC's sporting events. Points are earned by attending designated "Fever" sporting events. The top 200 point-earners receive 1 guaranteed football ticket to every home game. The top 200 point-earners also receive 2 guaranteed phase 1 men's basketball tickets to every home game (1 for Duke). In addition, rewards are given out at the end of each year based on predetermined point totals. Rewards include material prizes, experiences, and other opportunities.
  • How do I get involved with Carolina Fever?
    You do not have to do anything to join Carolina Fever. However, you can see all the ways to connect with Fever and sign up to receive our listserv emails here. Attend our scheduled Fever events so you can earn points to get awesome rewards! Carolina Fever director applications are sent out via our listserv during the end of February/early March. Be sure to join the listserv and follow us on all our socials to make sure you don't miss the application window or any other updates.
  • How do I know what games are Carolina Fever events?
    View our events schedule at: or sign up to receive our emails that include the weekly schedules at:
  • Do I have to join Carolina Fever to get points?
    No, you do not have to join Carolina Fever in order to get points. If you have a PID, you are already a member! Sign into your account at in the Carolina Fever section of the GoHeels app or at Then just open the app while you're at games to receive your points.
  • What incentives does Carolina Fever offer?
    Carolina Fever events present students with a wide range of incentives for attending sporting events at UNC for all 28 varsity sports. Prizes: Prizes can be earned by students who swipe-in at Fever events and stay the entire time, thus accruing points. (This will be tracked using GPS.) Available prizes may include exclusive Carolina Fever t-shirts, towels, water bottles, and more. The more points students have at the end of the school year, the more prizes they are eligible to receive. Prizes are distributed at the end of the spring semester and points will be able to be redeemed for prizes in the Carolina Fever section of the GoHeels app. Themes and giveaways: Unique themes and giveaways are common at Fever events. One-of-a-kind t-shirts, hats, and other items are frequently given out to the first students to arrive at the game. This free merchandise is often accompanied by free food. There are also various student section themes that Carolina Fever creates, like blackout games and 80’s night. Football Tickets: Football and Basketball tickets tend to be the primary interest of students that attend Fever events. However, only the top 200 students in the point rankings at the time of each football game are guaranteed 1 ticket to that game. Men’s Basketball Tickets: Football and Basketball tickets tend to be the primary interest of students that attend Fever events. However, only the top 200 students in the point rankings at the time of each basketball game are guaranteed 2 tickets to that game. Only one ticket is awarded to the top 200 students for the Duke game. Fun atmosphere: Carolina Fever events always create an increase in student attendance, which means an improved fan atmosphere. Each Fever event presents students with an opportunity to experience every unique sport at its very best. Cheering on the teams with a group of friends and classmates is an experiential incentive that Fever emphasizes. Students enjoy the chants and cheers that Fever organizes as well.
  • How does the point system work?
    Carolina Fever Points System: Fever Events: Every time you attend a Fever event, you earn points. To find our event schedule, visit You must attend a Fever event for its entire duration to earn full points, which will be tracked using GPS. Points Reset: Points reset after the last men’s home basketball game of the season. This occurs during the spring. Gain Points: Accumulate points during the year to stay in the top 200 at the time of each student ticket lottery. Top 200: Top 200 point-earners are reserved two Phase 1 men’s home basketball tickets and one ticket for Duke. Top 200 point-earners are also reserved one football ticket per home game. You must register for the student lottery by the time the lottery closes to receive your reserved tickets for both football and men's basketball. If you are not in the top 200: you are still eligible to receive prizes. Prizes are determined by how many points you have and are handed out at the end of the spring semester. Questions? DM us!
  • How do I ensure that I earn my points at a Fever event?
    Make sure you have the GoHeels app downloaded on your phone before arriving at a Fever event. Upon arrival, navigate to the Carolina Fever section of the GoHeels app. Once you have entered the stadium refresh the page by either tapping the home icon or pulling down slightly on the page. The app uses GPS to recognize that you are in attendance and your point total at the top of the page should update. Sometimes your GPS location will indicate that you are too far away from the stadium even if you aren't. In that case just keep refreshing until you receive your points. You must arrive and scan in prior to the posted game time to receive your first point. Receive additional points by staying the entire game and opening the app and scanning out after the Alma Mater. Some helpful tips and troubleshooting issues: Make sure your phone is charged, with good internet connectivity, and GPS enabled for the GoHeels app. Sometimes the app will not load immediately (especially with larger crowds); arrive earlier to allow adequate check-in time. Make sure that your points total is accurate and updated before you leave the stadium. If for some reason something goes wrong or you are having an issue, you can come talk to us at games, DM us, or fill out a point correction form to correct your points total.
  • How do I check my points?
    You can check your points in the Carolina Fever section of the GoHeels app!
  • My points are inaccurate. How do I get missing points logged?
    Fill out a points correction form at: Be sure to follow all instructions on the form or you will not receive your points.
  • When do points reset?
    Points reset after the student ticket lottery closes for the last men's home basketball game of the year. Fever events after this count towards next season's total.
  • How do I register for the student ticket lottery?
    Register for the student ticket lottery by visiting:
  • When are the Football and Basketball student ticket lotteries?
    The dates of the student football and basketball ticket lotteries can be found on your student ticket account. 1: Click the following link: 2: Login or make a student ticket account. 3: Click “FOOTBALL - STUDENT TICKETS” or "MEN'S BASKETBALL - STUDENT TICKETS" 4: Student ticket lottery registration dates will be listed on the right-hand panel.
  • When are men's basketball student tickets sent out?
    The ticket office sends out the football and men's basketball tickets several days before each game. Contact the ticket office if you have any questions regarding football or men's basketball tickets. Email - Twitter - @UNCStudentTix
  • If I’m in the top 200, does that mean I automatically get two phase 1 men's basketball tickets to every home game?
    Yes, however, you MUST register for each men's basketball student ticket lottery in order to secure your two phase 1 tickets. For the Duke game, you only receive one phase 1 ticket.
  • Do I have to keep going to Carolina Fever events in order to stay in the top 200?
  • What happens if I’m not in the top 200?
    If you have points but you're not in the top 200, you have an improved chance to get football and phase 1 men's basketball tickets, however, they are not guaranteed. In addition, you'll be eligible to receive prizes such as t-shirts, water bottles, towels, etc. at the end of the spring semester.
  • Do I lose my senior status if I’m in the top 200 and I get a ticket to the Duke game before my senior year?
    No, receiving a ticket as a top 200 member before your senior year does not affect your senior status.
  • How does randomization for the Duke game work?
    Randomization for the Duke game is subject to change every year. Carolina Athletic Association (CAA) sends out details about the randomization process several days before the Duke game. If you have questions about the randomization process, contact CAA at: Email - Twitter - @unccaa
  • Can I bring my backpack into Kenan Memorial Stadium or the Dean E. Smith Center?
    No, the clear bag policy is in effect at all football and men's basketball games.
  • Do I have to print out my men's basketball tickets?
    No, you can present your ticket digitally on your phone and still gain admission into football and men's basketball games.
  • I didn’t get men’s basketball tickets. What are the other ways I can get tickets?
    You can always use a friend's ticket since winners of the lottery win two tickets. If that isn't an option you can almost always gain entry through the standby and turn-it back lines. Contact CAA for more details: Email - Twitter - @unccaa
  • My question isn't here. How can I get my question answered?
    Contact us at: Twitter - @carolinafever Instagram - @thecarolinafever Website - Or you can come talk to us at Fever games. We have directors at the student entrance to most Fever games or in the student section. Come say hi.
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